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Sermons: Celebrating the Love of God in Christ Jesus!

Pastor Bob

The Reverend Robert Benke, pastor at Jehovah Lutheran Church for the past 12+ years, and his wife, Mary, teacher at Central Lutheran School for the past 15 years, will be moving to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas to serve Faith Lutheran Church there. Pastor Bob will be installed there on August 30, 2015. Many of his sermons remain available for reading, sharing on this sermon page of the web. May they be a blessing to all who read them!

Date of Sermon
Sermon Title
08/16/2015 Always and Only About Jesus
07/26/2015 Tested to Grow
07/19/2015 People Still Reach Out to Touch the Fringe
07/05/2015 There’s No Place Like Home!
06/28/2015 Though He was Rich He became Poor for Your Sake
06/07/2015 Extraordinary Time
05/24/2015 Fire Assurance
05/17/2015 Unfinished Business of the Often Uncomfortable In-between
05/10/2015 When Love Gets Tough
05/03/2015 Abide!
04/19/2015 Opening our Minds & Hearts to God’s Word
04/02/2015 In the Midst of Betrayal & Denial the Command to Love
03/22/2015 Are You Sure You Want to See Jesus?
03/18/2015 Breathing Life into These Old Bones
03/15/2015 Look Up and Live!
03/08/2015 Selling God on the Cheap
03/01/2015 A Horrible Way to Die – A Grace-Filled Way to Live
02/22/2015 Wilderness Faith
02/18/2015 Lent - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
02/15/2015 Looking Both Ways and then Walking to the Cross
02/08/2015 Doing What You Are Called To Do
02/01/2015 Be Still and Know That I am God
01/25/2015 The Conversion Paradox
01/18/2015 Eureka!
12/28/2014 Our Innocence Purchased and Reclaimed
12/25/2014 All God’s Children Are Born in Bethlehem
12/21/2014 A Humble House for our Great God
12/14/2014 Joy is the Hand of God on the Shoulder of a Troubled World
12/07/2014 What Kind of People Are We?
11/30/2014 …beacons of hope!
11/23/2014 Our Appointment With King Jesus
11/16/2014 Our God In Whom We Trust!
11/09/2014 Hope & Help for the Foolish Wedding Party Person
11/02/2014 Who’s Your Saint?
10/26/2014 How Free Do You Want to Be?
10/12/2014 Save the Date – Dress Appropriately
09/28/2014 What Do You Think?
09/21/2014 Nothing to Earn
09/14/2014 Do You Ever Get Tired of Carrying That All Alone?
09/07/2014 And It’s 1,2,3 Strikes You’re…
08/24/2014 The Cross @ The Crux of our Confession of Faith
08/03/2014 Finding Your Purpose Again
06/08/2014 The Day the Church was Born
05/18/2014 Home
05/11/2014 It’s Not About the Sheep; It’s All About the Shepherd
04/27/2014 Hope Hurts Too Much
04/13/2014 Truly, this man was God's Son!
04/06/2014 March Madness in April?
03/16/2014 So, You Think You Know Jesus?
03/02/2014 They Saw No One Except Jesus
02/23/2014 Perfect is as Perfect Does
02/16/2014 Once You Are Chosen, You Can Choose
02/02/2014 It's Is Never About What YOU’VE Done
01/26/2014 Fishers for All People
01/19/2014 Notice, Share, Invite
01/12/2014 Cousins Wading into Waters of Death – Waters of Life

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