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Mission Statement of Jehovah Lutheran Church

A community of joy – gathered around word and sacrament - celebrating, learning & sharing the love of God in Christ Jesus!

Care Ministry Connections
 Sharing the love of God in Christ Jesus!

Health Notes


Spiritual Health

In October we remember St. Luke, the physician and we are also aware of Jesus healing ministry while on earth. Our focus this month will be on Spiritual Health.

We read in genesis 2:7 that God formed man as he “….breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.” Our real essence consists of our spiritual dimension: that which reflects the ‘breath’ of God. Spirituality is based on a dependence of God, and concerns the relationship with (1) God (2) self (3) others (4) the environment (5) our past, present and future. Spiritual health exists when these relationships are in balance and support one another.

Just like our bodies, our spirits need special care and feeding in order to stay healthy. Romans, chapter 12, provides a helpful outline for nourishing our spirituality.

First, and most important, we need to involve ourselves in a life of worship (12:1). Since we were created in His image, nourishing our relationship with God is the basis of all health and wholeness.

Second, we are encouraged to develop a right understanding of ourselves (12:2-3) A healthy sense of self that is consistent with God’s perspective can help us to live a life of peace and joy.

Third, we can nourish our relationships with others (12:4-16). Paul uses the symbol of the body to remind us that we all are important parts of the Body of Christ. Our spirituality is made visible when we live a life that reflects Christ’s love for all people.

Fourth, we can live a life of peacemaking in the world, (12:17-21). We are able to conquer evil with peace as we nourish our spirits and reflect the love of Jesus.

Lydia Volz
Care Ministry Connections: Congregation


Suffering and Caring

I hope you are able to take time to enjoy the remainder of summer, before the fall and its busy schedule are here. Several members of our congregation have recently experienced major illnesses and health changes that impact their daily life. I would like to share some thoughts on Suffering and Caring. Suffering seems to be an experience that we all share at one time or another, yet it remains a disturbing and perplexing situation for both the person suffering and those around him/her.

Suffering may not mean the same thing to those who are experiencing it. I consider suffering to be a general situation of distress which affects all of a person. It is different from pain in that suffering (1) does not have an immediate remedy (2) affects the whole of a person, and (3) impacts our sense of meaning, driving us toward God (adapted from Amato, 1990).

Our Lord’s charge to the early church directed the faithful to preach, teach and heal (Mt: 7,8; Mt. 28: 19.20). Jesus’ healing life empowers the church to do healing ministry with a hurting and broken world. As children of God, all of us are called to share these gifts of healing with one another. Some of the specific things we can do when confronting suffering are (1) offer a ministry of presence, sharing with a suffering person our gifts of time, self and compassion, (2) help people to discover meaning in the midst of their suffering, (3) take action directed at alleviating suffering (adapted from Johnstone, 1989).

May the revelation of Jesus’ suffering evermore challenge us to do healing ministry in our hurting world.

Lydia Volz
Care Ministry Connections: Congregation

Care Ministry Connections - Congregation

Jehovah’s Care Ministry offers the gifts of friendship and faith to homebound members of the congregation and others needing a visit, a bit of cheer or a caring touch. Sometimes members bring communion to the shut-ins. The Care Ministry volunteers meet quarterly under the direction of Lydia Volz, and meetings include topics helpful in care ministry as well as reviewing the needs of the homebound.

In 2016, 6 Visiting Ministers, in addition to Pastor Mulfinger, visited 21 homebound members of the congregation for more than 132 contacts.

To learn more about receiving services from Jehovah Lutheran's Care Ministry Connections or about becoming a Care Ministry volunteer, please contact:  (651-644-7241)

Are You in Need of Prayer?

The telephone prayer chain is a group of members committed to praying for the needs of others, both in the church community and beyond. If you or a loved one are in need of prayer, you may activate the prayer chain by calling Katherine Mennicke at 651-636-3271, or the church office, 651-644-1421. Requests may be anonymous or details may be shared as necessary and/or comfortable. All requests are held in confidence. -- “Lord, teach us to pray..”

Care Ministry Connections: Community plans for 2016-2017

sharing the love of God in Christ Jesus with the
hungry, homeless, prisoners, elderly and others in need

All Year - Keystone food shelf – food, bags, dollars. Set a supporting church goal of $2,500. 
- CEEDS – clothing, household needs ingathering and special needs that may arise
- Crossing HOME/released prisoner needs posted in Jottings; gathered as needed.
Sept - Oct - CEEDS winter needs ingathering; $ donation for new family needs
- Crossing HOME winter clothing needs ingathering; deliver remaining Sock Kits (16)
- Safehouse Wed night meals delivery; prepared by fellowship cooks on these dates:
              Sep 14, 21, 28; Oct 5, 12, 19, 26; Nov 2, 9, 16 (Care Ministry cooks on Oct 19, 2016)

Nov-Dec  - Christmas gifts for LSS Metro Homeless Youth – 4 persons
- Christmas gift cards to Lyngblomsten to share with residents
- Christmas boxes with cookies and gift cards for the 4 residents of Martin House
Jan-Feb Caring Hearts toiletry items for Health East homeless and Crossing HOME. Wed, February 15, Caring Hearts Community Ingathering/Supper

Feb-April Safehouse meals delivery of Wed fellowship cooking (exact dates TBD)

March MN Foodshare month emphasizing enhanced, matched giving for Keystone food shelf.

April - Bake and Craft Sale held April 8.
- Prepare for Celebrating Seniors Sunday.

May May 7, 2017: Tenth annual Celebrating Seniors Sunday service and luncheon
June - July Gather items for National Night Out Giveaway Re-cycle “free” tables.
August National Night Out Giveaway tables and fellowship outreach …. August 1, 2017


The plans are open to other needs that arise throughout the year.


Individuals or groups in the community are welcome to contribute needed clothing, household items, bedding, toiletries. Call the church office at 651-644-1421 for a time to drop items off.

Seniors Are Celebrated the first Sunday of May Each Year

Click on "back" or "next" to view the 2017 Tenth annual Celebrating Seniors event.

Jehovah's oldest member, Millie Sjostrand, has attended all ten Senior Sundays, as have several others of the congregation's elders and friends.

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