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Mission Statement of Jehovah Lutheran Church

A community of joy – gathered around word and sacrament - celebrating, learning & sharing the love of God in Christ Jesus!

Care Ministry Connections
 Sharing the love of God in Christ Jesus!

Health Notes


End of Life Health Care Decisions

Approximately 90 % of Americans will die a 'managed death' and will need to decide how long they will live and under what conditions. You can help make these decisions through the use of Advanced Directives (a statement of your health care choices or naming someone to make decisions for you). However, if you become seriously ill and incapable of speech or action, your loved ones will be faced with these decisions. Take time now to review your end-of-life wishes. Are they based on Biblical truths?

The following principles are adapted from Christian Care at Life's End and may be useful in guiding your health care decisions.

  • Each person is created in God's image and deserves to be treated with the same standard of care (regardless of age or infirmity).
  • As Creator, God alone knows with certainty if a condition is incurable.
  • It is good ethical practice for doctors to receive a statement signed by the patient indicating wishes to end life-sustaining treatment in case of a terminal condition.

The Five Wishes document is a useful guide for planning your personal Advanced Directives. If you would like a copy, call Lydia Volz @ 651-644-7241.

We are comforted with this promise "Our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there…who…will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like His glorious body." (Phil.3:20-21)

Lydia Volz
Care Ministry Connections: Congregation


Fit and /or Fat

We often see these terms as being opposites, but the truth may not be so obvious. Much research has been done over the years on the relationships between weight, exercise and health. The upshot is that fit, though overweight, persons enjoy better health and less risk of premature death than thin persons who are not physically active.

Regular exercise may significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, breast and uterine cancer, colon and prostate cancer. Physical activity, not body size\or shape, seems be the key issue. At the same time it is true that most physically active persons weigh less than most sedentary people. Doing 30 minutes of moderate physical activity 5-7 days a week is enough to enjoy many health benefits.

This seems to be contrary to what we have been told. The truth seems to be: normal weight is better than being more than 20% overweight, but active persons of all sizes enjoy more health than inactive people even at ideal weights. It is also true that regardless of height, men with waists over 40" and women with waists over 34" are at much greater risk for poor physical condition, higher cholesterol levels and diabetes.

How can we manage these conflicting pieces of information?

  • Aim to keep all things in balance
  • A healthy lifestyle is one that includes self-acceptance based on the God who created us rather than size or body fat percentage, regular physical activity, and eating a variety of foods with little fat and refined sugars and plenty of whole grains, vegetables and fruits.
  • Make a commitment to be active, knowing that regular physical activity offers more sustained health benefit than only being thin.

"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body." I Cor. 6:19

Lydia Volz
Care Ministry Connections: Congregation

Care Ministry Connections - Congregation

Jehovah’s Care Ministry offers the gifts of friendship and faith to homebound members of the congregation and others needing a visit, a bit of cheer or a caring touch. Sometimes members bring communion to the shut-ins. The Care Ministry volunteers meet quarterly under the direction of Lydia Volz, and meetings include topics helpful in care ministry as well as reviewing the needs of the homebound.

To learn more about receiving services from Jehovah Lutheran's Care Ministry Connections or about becoming a Care Ministry volunteer, please contact:  (651-644-7241)

Are You in Need of Prayer?

The telephone prayer chain is a group of members committed to praying for the needs of others, both in the church community and beyond. If you or a loved one are in need of prayer, you may activate the prayer chain by calling Katherine Mennicke at 651-636-3271, or the church office, 651-644-1421. Requests may be anonymous or details may be shared as necessary and/or comfortable. All requests are held in confidence. -- “Lord, teach us to pray..”

Care Ministry Connections: Community plans for 2019-2020

sharing the love of God in Christ Jesus with the
hungry, homeless, prisoners, elderly and others in need

All Year: Keystone food shelf – food, bags, dollars; supporting church goal is $2,500/year.
CEEDS clothing ingathering and distribution and possible other refugee needs. CrossingHOME clothing, household items, bedding, food shelf supplies.
All Year:
DONATION CENTER is open to receive donated goods from members and community.
Donors may call the office at 651-645-2867 to set up a donation time.

September – October:
Meet with CEEDS to plan use of Clothes Closet and distribution at Jehovah.
Host forum-report on Lutherans for Life with K. Mennicke during ABClass time.
Sep. 26 - Keystone Gala to raise money for a new FOODMOBILE.

November – December:
Christmas gifts for LSS Metro Homeless Youth - 4 persons; about 20 gifts.
Christmas Target gift cards (8-10 for Lyngblomsten to share with elderly residents.
Christmas cookies and visit greeting each person at Unity Daycare.
January – February:
  Gather toiletry/first aid items for Health East's Caring Hearts drive and Rezek youth.
Gather large, X large socks for Crossing HOME and others;
Pack Union Gospel Mission bags as needed.
Luncheon date/time to be determined for sorting and assembling gathered items.

  MN Foodshare month; emphasize special, matched dollar giving to Keystone Food Shelf.
Make envelopes for dollar donations available to congregation.

  Prepare for Celebrating Seniors Sunday.
May 3: Thirteenth Annual Celebrating Senior Sunday with worship and luncheon.

June – August:
  Gather clothing, household goods, games, for Giveaway Table at Aug. 4 Nat'l Night Out.

Partnering with Keystone Food Shelf, LSS Homeless Youth, CrossingHOME, CEEDS, Health East, Union Gospel Mission, Lyngblomsten, Unity Day Care, as we are able. Please share your ideas about "sharing the love of God in Christ Jesus" at Jehovah with any member of the Care Ministry Connections committee: Lydia Volz, Shirley Dorow, Maynard Dorow, Janet Fishback, Katherine Mennicke, Jeanne Watson, Jane Hamann, Lynne Baerthel , Nancy Sontag and Sandy Kolar.

Seniors Are Celebrated the first Sunday of May Each Year

Click on "back" or "next" to view the 2017 Tenth annual Celebrating Seniors event.

Jehovah's oldest member, Bernice Demullilng, has attended all ten Senior Sundays, as have several others of the congregation's elders and friends.

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